Eliminating the World's Plastic Waste

 BioXycle is in the process of providing the technology and services to Biodegrade Plastics back to their original (chemical monomer) state and eliminate them from our environment. Our first step is to fund laboratory tests that will verify not only can we biodegrade plastics, but do it quickly and efficiently.  

About Us


Who We Are

BioXycle was founded by veterans of the Chemical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and High Tech Industries. We are linked by a common goal of combining our experience to solve the Global Plastics Crisis and eliminating PETs from our landscape.

BioXycle is a BioTech firm that develops enzymes and processes that accelerate the biodegradation of plastics back to their original state. We were founded in 2018 in Atlanta, GA.



Our Mission

BioXycle's mission is to create bioengineered solutions to help rid the earth of plastic waste. Our first patent pending process involves perfecting and scaling up bioengineered enzymes that degrade PET back to their original (chemical monomer) state creating a 360 degree recycling process.

  Manufactured PET (polyethylene terephthalate) represents the greatest amount of plastic waste. Water and soda bottles, and many other plastics at grocery stores, are made of PET, a semi aromatic polyester that is incredibly hard to decompose. Estimates range from 500 to 800 years or more to degrade one plastic bottle.  Recycling PET today involves a laborious process to separate, clean and melt for reuse, mostly as carpets and similar polyester products. Only about 29% of total PET made in the US is recycled today. In the meantime, plastic continues to pile up on land and in the seas.  It is an incredible problem for our planet, damaging sea life and the environment.


Experience the Difference

BioXycle submitted a patent application directed to bioengineered novel enzymatic compositions and processes using these novel enzymatic compositions at commercially feasible scales to degrade PET back to its original building block components, namely ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid.  By breaking PET down into its original components, the original components can be used again to make new PET containing products, providing a 360 recycled solution for this plastic or use the chemicals to displace the chemicals made for other proposes.  We are securing rounds of capital infusions to enhance PET biodegradation via genetically engineered enzymes in a commercially viable process. An unmet need for this type of bioengineered solution exists, and BioXycle's goal is to help rid our planet of plastic waste.


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Solving the Problem


While the world is doing their part to collect plastic waste, BioXycle is in the process of developing the solutions and processes to actually eliminate the problem on a global scale.

The Problem


MASS PRODUCTION OF plastics, which began just six decades ago, has accelerated so rapidly that it has created 8.3 billion metric tons—most of it in disposable products that end up as trash. If that seems like an incomprehensible quantity, it is. Even the scientists who set out to conduct the world’s first tally of how much plastic has been produced, discarded, burned or put in landfills, were horrified by the sheer size of the numbers.

“We all knew there was a rapid and extreme increase in plastic production from 1950 until now, but actually quantifying the cumulative number for all plastic ever made was quite shocking,” says Jenna Jambeck, a University of Georgia environmental engineer who specializes in studying plastic waste in the oceans.


The Next Step


  BioXycle will provide the technology and services to biodegrade plastics to their original state and eliminate them from our environment. Our first step is to fund laboratory tests to verify our quick and efficient process. 

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